Setting Up a Home Gym

Person wearing tennis shoes holding a barbell close to the floor, about to lift it.

Finding time for fitness can be tricky, especially for those with hectic working hours. The pandemic has further complicated matters for many, as more people have been working from home with irregular schedules to fit the demands of their jobs. A home gym may just be the answer for easily building in time for exercise on the daily. With personal equipment and a greater level of privacy, many may find a home gym provides the motivation they lacked.

Building and putting together one’s own gym is a great inspiration for the new year of 2022. What’s more, the hands-on process of assembling equipment and arranging everything to personal tastes creates a more immersive experience to get the right footing.

Personal fitness goals determine the kind of gym needed. Before beginning, one must decide on priorities. This could be losing weight, gaining muscle mass or tone, or doing more Yoga. Every fitness journey is unique and essential, and as such, one’s gym must be designed accordingly. 

That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind during design.

Unique Pace

It might be tempting to watch YouTube videos to work out. But when one space doesn’t match up with the person in the video, it can cause one to lose focus and become demotivated altogether. Each individual pace is unique and valid, and one must find the right cohesive tools. Starting small, perhaps with an AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat or its 6mm Thick TPR & Suede Yoga Mat, depending on style preferences, is a great idea. Building oneself up from there can take a while, but every person starting their fitness journey must remember that even the people on YouTube had to start small.

Add Equipment Gradually

A gym won’t be ready for full use overnight. A lot of time, effort, and research must go into the process to be done right. Add equipment in a home gym largely depends in one’s gradual progress, calling for new tools as one’s goals develop. One can start with a Healthgenie 3911M 2.5 HP Peak Motorized Treadmill to build up your stamina. Other equipment like HNESS Push Up Bar Stands is also a good starting point, depending on needs. 

Variety Matters

One must stay consistent with exercise, but allow for variety, encouraging comprehensive fitness for the whole body. Cardio is a great option, but there are more ways than one to get the heart going, such as running, kickboxing, biking, and jumping jacks. There are endless options; one only need reach out for it through Click-Shop-Now.

Stick With a Plan

Though a home gym offers convenience, one also must maintain a sense of discipline for a fitness routine to work. Proximity to the kitchen or living room can bring temptation to go for a snack or lay down and watch some Netflix. In order to make the investment worth it, one must have clear focus and motivation to stick to a fitness plan, giving their specialized equipment regular use. 

Workout With a Friend or Family Member

Working out with close friends or family members can be a great motivator as far as getting active. One can socialize and work out at the same time, distracting from any physical exhaustion on lazier days.

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