4 Holi Gift Idea This Holi

Holi is a triumphant, bright, and exciting holiday as it marks good’s defeat over evil. The festival of colors is a wonderful time to remind your loved ones of how grateful you are for their existence in your life. One very popular way this is done is by the tradition of gift-giving. However, whether it is Holi or someone’s birthday, it can be quite stressful deciding what to gift someone. Working with a tight budget adds another layer of stress. Luckily, we got you covered. Here is a list of five Holi gift ideas for the different types of personalities in your life, along with a Holi gift for every budget!

1.  A Laptop

These days, hardly anything is accomplished without technology. If you know a student, they can vouch for this. The student in your life relies heavily on their electronic devices to manage studies. Most students today also juggle work along with their studies. For them, their laptops are their lifelines. There is very little they will appreciate as much as their lifelines being upgraded.

Admittedly, the budget for a laptop is higher than most other gifts, but there is a laptop for every budget. The 14 inch Dell Intel 5th Gen Core i5 has all the necessary features. It comes in a thin and light, compact design that makes it ideal for carrying around. Its portability is a great feature for those who travel to work or university with their laptops. It allows for a high degree of multitasking and high-end programming.

There are other options available according to budget and needs. Although a bit on the pricier side, Dell’s Inspiron series is much loved for a good reason and also worth exploring. A laptop is also a great Holi gift for the gamer in your life.

2.  A Handy Appliance

 A gift can be both thoughtful and practical. In fact, for the people in your life who are beginning a new chapter in their lives, be it moving into a new home or getting married, a practical gift like a home appliance might be the most thoughtful. There is a huge variety to choose from and a great range of options for every budget. It can be something as small as an iron. A Sphere Hot DI09 is a super budget-friendly option with every essential feature you might need.

If you’re looking to shell out a bit more, an air fryer is a great option, especially for a loved one looking to live a little healthier. There is no better way to say you encourage their newer, healthier lifestyle than investing in an air fryer for them. The Philips air fryer comes with a book of 200 recipes. It is extremely easy to use, and its ergonomic design makes it convenient to store and use.

3.  Wall Art

Wall art is a wonderful choice as a Holi gift for those in your life who are appreciators of art. It can work as a housewarming gift as well. Since Holi is a religious event, a theme of religion is a worthy option of consideration too. Abstract art also works depending on the personality of the recipient. If you’re unsure of what to pick, this gorgeous white and blue printed framed wall art can work for many personalities.

4.  Small Home Decoration Objects for Holi Gifts

If you’re struggling with an extremely tight budget but still want to show up for your loved ones this Holi, don’t despair. There are grand ways to be thoughtful and giving even with the tightest budgets. A planter is a cute idea to gift someone. It can work as a gift for a kid you know, or a friend you’re not sure what to gift. The Chumbak white and green happy panda planter is a small ceramic with a plastic planter perfect for filling up space on someone’s bookshelf. Other home décor options are showpieces like the beautiful black and gold-toned handcrafted palm Buddha showpiece or a lovely handcrafted wall clock.

Holi is a wonderful opportunity to remind your loved ones of how much you love and care about them. Browse through Click Shop Now’s catalog to find the perfect gift for them this Holi!

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