Philips Viva Collection Electric Airfryer (Twin TurboStar Technology, HD9721/13, Black)

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Key features

Functions: Bake | Fry | Grill | Roast
Ideal For: Indoor
Power: 1500 Watts
24 Months Warranty

Are you a lover of fried snacks but are sceptic of adding them always to your food chart because of the fat content? Then get the Philips Viva Collection Electric Airfryer. New Fat Removal technology of this airfryer captures the excessive fat content from the food. You can fry, bake and grill with little or no oil and enjoy delicious home-made fries anytime. With Instant heat-up, your airfryer is always ready to cook with super-fast speed.

Premium Frying Technology
Philips Viva Collection Electric Airfryer uses hot air so your fried snacks are fat-free up to 90%. Only a little bit of oil is all it takes to make crispy fries at home. Philip’s innovative Twin TurboStar technology creates a tornado of hot air in the cooking basket. This effectively removes the excess of fats and puts them in the fat reducer for safe disposal. It also frees your kitchen from frying oil odour.

Ergonomic Design
Philips Viva Collection Electric Airfryer is compact in size. Place it anywhere on the kitchen counter-top. It won’t take much of space but continue to provide 0.8 kg of fries. Airfryer’s QuickClean basket and removable non-stick mesh are easy to clean. In fact, all removable parts of this airfryer are dishwasher friendly. You spend less time cleaning and more time cooking healthy meals and snacks.

16 reviews for Philips Viva Collection Electric Airfryer (Twin TurboStar Technology, HD9721/13, Black)

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