Croma 1300 Watt Low Oil Fryer (CRAO0044, Black)

2.48 out of 5
(167 customer reviews)

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Key features

1300W Powerful Motor
Low fat fryer
Multiple Cooking Modes
Adjustable Timer And Temperature Control Knob
Plug And Use Fryer

With the Croma CRAO0044 Low Oil Fryer you can be assured to enjoy yummy friend food at home without having to go to expensive fast food joints and spending a huge amount of money. The air fryer with its unique technology uses minimal oil to give you delicious dishes and you can fry, bake, grill and roast to enjoy a variety of dishes at home. A decent capacity allows you to prepare a considerable amount of food while the efficient air fryer requires little or no pre heating time which allows quick preparations. The low oil fryer is also extremely convenient to use and its ergonomic design helps in easy storage making it an ideal addition to your kitchen.

Optimum Efficiency

Enjoy all the fried and delicious food you enjoy at famous fast food outlets at home as the Croma CRAO0044 Low Oil Fryer allows you to bake, roast and fry a number of dishes giving you and your family variety at home. The brilliant technology generates fast superheated air and helps to fry food with little or no oil making it an extremely healthy option while the 1300W power aids in faster cooking . It also gives you optimal airflow so food cooks evenly while the decent capacity allows you to cook a nice amount of food.

Convenient Design

Apart from being an efficient frying option, the Croma CRAO0044 Low Oil Fryer is extremely convenient to use and easy to operate. The Adjustable timer and temperature control knob allow easy opeartation and let you choose temperature levels according to your needs while the metal holder and rubber mat make its usage more convenient.

167 reviews for Croma 1300 Watt Low Oil Fryer (CRAO0044, Black)

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