5 Home Appliances That Run on Solar Energy

As you look around the appliances in your home, you probably don’t think about all of the power they’re consuming. You probably think even less about home appliances which can run on solar energy.

However, you should be thinking about this, as the amount of power required to run all of the appliances in most people’s homes is astounding. Even more astounding is how much your appliances cost you in electricity month after month, year after year. 

Enter the Solution – Home Appliances Which Can Run on Solar Energy

This realization has caused many people to consider solar energy as an alternative way to power their favorite home appliances. Companies have taken notice of this movement, as more and more solar-compatible products are hitting the shelves daily. This is especially the case in countries like India, where the tropical climate makes for so much available sunshine.

If saving money on electricity every month appeals to you (not to mention saving the planet), then start your journey to solar-powered appliances below.

Home Appliances Which Can Run on Solar Energy

Solar Ovens

Ovens are one of the easiest appliances to convert to solar energy due to their need for heat–something the sun has plenty to give. These solar-powered ovens–which typically take the form of box cookers, panel cookers, or curved concentrator cookers–trap the sun’s rays into a confined space using reflective materials.

Think of solar ovens as acting like a magnifying glass for the sun’s rays. Specifically, a solar oven’s reflective panels work to direct the sun’s rays toward the food inside of it.

Most solar ovens employ this type of ray-capturing technology. However, others do exist that are powered by solar cells instead. These solar-cell options are still quite limited and tend to be much more expensive than their ray-capturing counterparts. 

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Solar Lights

Speaking of solar cell technology, a much more affordable version of this technology can be found in solar-powered lights. You can find solar alternatives for all kinds of lights, from flashlights to patio lights around your property.

Solar lights often rely on solar photovoltaic panels to collect sunlight before converting it to electrical energy. This energy then powers the bulb similar to how electricity would. The upside to this type of energy is that it lasts far longer, costs a fraction of the price, and is better for the environment. 

Another benefit of solar-powered lights is that they don’t experience issues in extreme temperatures. Your electrical patio lights might stop working in extreme heat, for example, but your solar-powered lights will have no problem.

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Solar Refrigerators

It may seem odd to think that you can power your refrigerator with energy produced by something as hot as the sun, but you certainly can. 

Of course, refrigerators and freezers require a lot more power to function than lights. Still, energy captured through photovoltaic panels is once again the source of energy for these types of products. In most cases, you just have to attach a panel right to the fridge. In others, you might have to plug in an external source of solar energy already captured through a power back. 

This second option is very convenient, as it allows you to store up on solar energy beforehand, which you can then simply plug into your refrigerator whenever it requires power, similar to how you would plug in any normal electrical appliance.

Check out refrigerator home appliances which can run on solar energy.

Solar Kettles

On the other side of the temperature spectrum, you can brew your morning tea using only solar energy with a solar-powered kettle. For these kettles to work, you simply have to place them wherever this is direct sunlight and wait until your desired temperature is reached.

The only downside to solar kettles compared to regular, electric-powered kettles is that they require far longer boiling times, with some kettles taking as long as an hour to reach their boiling point. 

Still, if you’re committed to saving energy and preserving the environment, you can wake up, place your solar kettle in the sun, go back to sleep, and then wake up when your water has reached perfect brewing temperature. 

Check out kettle home appliances which can run on solar energy.

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Solar Food Dehydrators

Dried fruits and snacks are some of the most delicious delicacies to be had. With a solar dehydrator, you can start making your own raisins, figs, dried nuts, dried meats, or any other of your favorite dried foods without having to pay a single penny in electricity.

Similar to how solar ovens capture their heat, solar dehydrators capture the sun’s heat inside of it. Although, unlike solar ovens, solar dehydrators don’t concentrate and build the sun’s heat. Instead, they encourage airflow and even heat distribution to be able to dry out whatever is inside of them. 

In most cases, you can use your solar food dehydrator to dry out any kind of food within a few days.

Check out food dehydrator home appliances which can run on solar energy.

Takeaway – Why You Should Choose Home Appliances Which Can Run on Solar Energy

As we continue to add more and more appliances to our homes, our power consumption grows higher and higher. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology, this growing power consumption is putting more and more strain on our resources. As a great alternative, experiment with home appliances which can run on solar energy instead. Not only is it more satisfying to use these types of appliances, but it’s also easier on the environment.

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