Garden Gifts You Need to Get This Autumn

The autumn in India is the ‘just right’ season when it’s not too cold or too hot, and Mother Nature shows her true colors. Whether it be the leaves turning orange or nature’s greenery showing an added spark, there’s no shortage of color showing after the rainy season has concluded. Your garden has surely benefited from some of that rain. But, maintenance is the key to making it stand out for the right reasons this fall, meshing well with the lively aura that comes with this time of year. 

Whether’s it’s cutting the grass, looking to plant new vegetables, or otherwise, there are garden gifts you can get yourself or the avid gardener in your family for Autumn 2021. Here are a few that we recommend for this time of year. 

Get in the Planting Mood With These Seeds 

While spring is often regarded as the perfect time to start growing your plants or trees, India’s climate affords you plenty of flexibility. Start your Autumn 2021 by planting seeds in your garden, growing vegetables or herbs that are beneficial to your health. 

You can grow P.B.C. green chilli seeds/vegetable seeds in your backyard to add some spice to your surroundings, including 30 seeds so you can reap as much as possible for the whole family. 

Alternatively, you can use PLANTSAB Giloy Stems/Neem Giloy Stems/Seeds, complete with 15 stems that are six inches each. The natural neem Giloy stems are purely organic and fresh, and they are often used for medicinal purposes. 

Another option to consider for your garden in Autumn 2021 is the Super Agri Green Hybrid Bitter Gourd Karela. Each pack contains 20 seeds, is of genuine quality, and gives your garden the kind of boost it needs to stand out throughout the season. 

The 2021 Garden Gifts to Spruce Up Your Garden

The garden always needs a bit of fine-tuning and pruning. Garden tools should be high on your 2021 garden gifts list, and one such tool that can safely cut out the excess in your backyard is the am Garden Shears Pruners Scissor Flower Cutter with Safety Lock.

These garden shears contain high-quality stainless steel and have a plastic handle grip for easy handling. It also comes with a security lock to keep it steady whenever you’re not using it. You get improved comfort and less hand fatigue when you use these durable shears. They are reliable and helpful for pruning any seeds or plants. It’s ideal for outdoor and indoor use. And, it’s corrosion-resistant. 

If you’re looking for something a tad simpler, the Tata Agrico Hedge Shear Wooden Grass is a good alternative to turn to, allowing you to trim your grass to the ideal height. These manual garden shears mirror scissors, working best with sharp and clean blades. If you’re a meticulous gardener that pays attention to every detail, tools like these are perfect for you. 

Gift Yourself an Electric Lawnmower to Handle the Grass

On the subject of grass, you need a powerful lawnmower to clear off any debris left behind during Monsoon 2021, causing a bit of a mess in your backyard. The BKR® 300 Electric Lawn Mower with 1000 Watt Induction Motor Sold Exclusively by Jagan Hardware is one such lawnmower. It’s a lawnmower that’s easy to handle manually, allowing you to cut your lawn or grass with ease. 

Its 1,000-watt induction motor allows it to apply more pressure to each area so that you can cut more grass without exerting significant effort. Additionally, it has three levels of height adjustment, so you can use it at the level you’re most comfortable with. 

If you’re looking for more garden gifts to enhance your Autumn 2021 experience, check out our full collection today

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